Win Bruce Aidell’s new and improved “The Great Meat Cookbook”

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along with a Thermoworks Meat thermometer. The perfect pairing!


Larry and Mary- see comment below. Larry and Mary are die-hard GrillGrrrl fans and always participate in my contests. I hope you enjoy your new cookbook and meat thermometer- glad you won’t have to use your hands anymore to try to figure out meat temp! ๐Ÿ™‚


If you live on planet earth, then there is a good chance you’ve heard of Bruce Aidells. Bruce is a cookbook author, he started a major chicken sausage company sold Nationally in virtually every grocery store, and he’s been on tv in some form a million times as a cooking expert and author…AND NOW we have his “The Great Meat Book” available to a lucky you. And, Because Bruce Loves his Thermoworks meat thermometers, we’re giving away his favorite meat thermometer to boot. This is a pretty kick ass giveaway if I do say so myself.

This is a great time for a new cookbook if you are like me and are always trying to scheme up alternatives to Turkey Dinner for Thanksgiving. I have nothing against Turkey, but sometimes it’s just nice to push the envelope when you have a big crowd and just wow them with something different. This would be the perfect cookbook for that as it solely focused on MEAT, not poultry. And for those of you who need to buy this cookbook right now, you can get a signed copy from Thermowork’s website.

Here is what Bruce Aidell’s has to say about his meat thermometer from Thermoworks in his book (makers of the SuperFast Thermapen).

“ThermoWorks Original Cooking Thermometer/Timer: The heatproof cable allows you to leave this digital continuous-read thermometer in the meat throughout the cook. Holds up well and functions reliably.”

How to Win:

Leave a comment on my site, like my facebook page, and tweet this contest. And, usually if you are funny in your comment that doesn’t hurt either. Winner will be announced on Friday, October 5th. Thanks for taking part in my giveaway!