Check out the set of Chopped Grill Masters filmed in Old Tucson, Arizona- the same set where John Wayne Movies were filmed.

Chopped is one of my shows- it forces you to push the creative envelop with wacky ingredients. The Food Network has taken it to the outdoors with Chopped Grill Masters- their first off location shoot filmed in Old Tucson, Arizona where everything is cooked outside on grill or smoker. I was also a contestant on this show and my episode airs on August 5th, 10pm EST.

Tune into the series premier to see everyone duke it out in the dessert. I can’t wait to see how my other contestants did- there were 16 of us total, 4 chefs per episode as each course is an elimination round. The series will run starting July 22nd- and ending in August.

Who will win

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the $50k prize? Stay tuned to find out!