Fourth of July is one of the biggest grilling holidays of the year, so it is time to put your grilling game face on. This is your chance to show the world what a smart, clever grilling God/Goddess you are!

This means no hot dogs or hamburgers! Here are my top ten recipes to grill for #4th of July this year! You can mix your favorite proteins with grilled veggies/sides and dessert from the list below for the ultimate Meal On The Grill.

Cilantro Lime Beef Satay, Cilantro Lime Beef Skewers

Say yes to skewers! When you use thin pieces of meat, the cook time is minimal!


  1. Cilantro Lime Beef Satay
  2. Jerked Spatchcocked Chicken
  3. Blue Cheese Buffalo Sliders
  4. Jalapeno Pesto Chicken


Coconut Lime Butter + Grilled Corn = legal crack.


  1. Grilled Corn on the Cob with Coconut Lime Butter
  2. Grilled Romaine Hearts
  3. Blue Cheese Stuffed Tomatoes

Grilled Poundcake and fruit- easy yummy dessert on the grill.


  1. Grilled Poundcake and Peaches/Mangos/Pineapple
  2. Dark Chocolate, Coconut and gingersnap Smores
  3. Mango Cobbler

Entertaining Tips:

  • Make a Kick Ass play list to make the party fun and lively
  • Keep the cooler well stocked with Beer and don’t let the ice melt!
  • Put out the bug spray and citronella candles
  • Tiki lights make all the difference at a backyard bbq
  • Use cute, high end disposable/recyclable plates and silver ware for less clean up