What is great about being GrillGrrrl is that everyone loves to talk to me about their BBQ and Grilling experiences, regardless of background. Who doesn’t love to eat great food? It’s the common denominator of human experience. So I was totally shocked to find a stove top smoker arrive at my doorstep out of the blue a few weeks ago from a good friend I know from the Miami sailing community. Not only is my friend Oren adept at fixing racing boats, he’s also an avid BBQ-er and we had a lenghty discussion about his stove top smoker he uses for lickity-split smokiness! And then one arrived on my doorstep.

When the weather is crappy, or you want to do some quick smoked shrimp or fish without the work of getting your outdoor smoker all heated up, the stovetop smoker is the way to go. The smoker is really just 2 metal boxes, with a pan on top to put your meat/whatever you want to smoke. You put your smoker chips on the very bottom, put the other box on top, put the trout on the pan above, and then seal the box with its fitted lid.

Smoked trout – faster than you can say “stove top smoker”!

Put the box on top of the burner on medium and let it do its magic. Once I could visibly smell smoke, (about 5 minutes) I let the trout smoke for about 15 minutes (I used Alder wood chips by the way- perfect for fish and seafood). I didn’t do anything to the trout other than put salt and pepper on it and it turned out awesome.

I served the trout with flatbread and a garlic-thyme aioli for a perfect appetizer or light meal. Scott practically licked the plate so in my book that spells S-U-C-C-E-S-S!
Got a fun way to smoke meat or a great recipe using smoked fish or seafood? Would love to here your rendition!