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Bacon Explosion Pic by Mark Woodbury- Woodbury and Associates Photography

People are obsessed with bacon. Why? Because Bacon is awesome, that’s why. So while I usually strive to be healthy and offer up healthy recipes on my site, I’m going to go out out on a limb and give you the best of Bacon from my bacon loving BBQ buddies, my adventures on pinterest, and even a few of my own recipes.

Hooray for bacon!

To see a complete list of my favorite bacon ideas and recipes, go to my Bacon inspired pinterest board.

Food Trend: Sweet and Savory Bacon

Candied Bacon, or “Pig Candy” – a great recipe from John Dawson

Candied Bacon  Chocolate Cupcakes – my husband loved me a little more the day I made these

Sea Salted Dark Chocolate Chip with Bacon – again, my husband loved me a little more the day I made these

Bacon Ice cream 2 of the best things on earth put together.

Bacon Flavored MarshMallows – truly an original idea from Chris at

Paula Deen’s Krispy Kreme burger, with Bacon – leave it to Paula Deen to make something so yummy and so utterly bad for you! 🙂

Chocolate Covered Baco

Meat, with More Bacon:

The Bacon Explosion – a Bacon Basket week stuffed with more meat, and then smoked.

Atomic Buffalo Turds (ABTs) -stuff jalapenos, wrap them in bacon, smoke them

Moink Balls – the infamous meatball wrapped in bacon, smoked and finished in BBQ rub

Bacon Rub – add bacon to your meat, in the form of a rub. Brilliant!

Bacon Mac N’ Cheese Burger – cool and different use of bacon in a burger, thanks to Clint from

Vegetables, With Bacon:

Jalapeno Poppers – jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon and then grilled or baked

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus – one of my most popular recipes, bar none

Wedge Salad, heavy on the bacon 

Paula Deen’s stuffed tomatoes with Bacon – notice Paula has made it twice on this post!


Onion Bacon Marmalade – PatioDaddioBBQ’s infamous recipe


Loaded Baked Potato Dip

Blue Cheese Bacon Dip – bacon and blue cheese are a match made in heaven!


Bacon Vodka – now you can infuse your favorite cocktails with the essence of bacon. Buying is much easier than trying to make your own!

Bacon Infused Bourbon – here are directions on how to make your own bacon infused bourbon. Not commercially made yet.


Baconnaise – everything you eat can taste like bacon now that they are packaging a bacon flavored mayo.

Bacon Salt

Bacon Hot Sauce – a double whammy of a combo if you ask me.

Bacon Jam – spreadable bacon

Finally, after eating this much bacon, you will most definitely need a “Bacon Coffin”.


You can actually buy a bacon coffin, brought to you from the same guys who brought you baconnaise.

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