On the left- the infamous Kumamoto oyster hailing from the West coast. Evidently, this is the Cadillac of Oysters.

I don’t do many restaurant reviews. Usually I’m the one doing the cooking! However, this restaurant is such a gem that I really wanted to share it with you. I travel to Austin pretty frequently these days for work. While strolling Congress avenue with a co-worker looking for a place to grab dinner, we spot this alluring outdoor patio with big, lit up trees emerging from the structure. It looked like the perfect place to have a cocktail!

When you go- grab a seat on Perla’s expansive porch!

Hailing from Florida, I was a little skeptical of a seafood and oyster bar in the heart of Texas, but Perla’s flys their catch in fresh everyday. Their Oyster bar boasts Oysters from Rhode Island, Maine, British Columbia and California. I tried the Kumamoto Oyster from California, which is evidently “The Cadillac of Oysters” known for their mouthfeel and nutty flavor, an umami-like experience for true oyster lovers.

Take a seat at the bar next to the Oyster bar and aquarium.

The restaurant is refreshingly relaxed yet upscale with its sprawling outdoor patio, good looking waiters, saltwater tank, shuffleboard table and impressive looking oyster bar. I ordered the boullibaise, always my favorite, and was impressed with very large prawns and pieces of seafood- they do not skimp on their seafood. A diehard brussel sprout fan, I ordered a side and was impressed that they were served skewered, straight from the grill with a nice char.

Bouillabaisse- my favorite!

I washed all of this down with a “Passenger” cocktail, a refreshing gin drink infused with lime juice, mint and St Germain liqueur.

A laid back attitude and dog friendly porch- a great spot in my book- I’ll be back next time I’m in Austin.

While dining, my friends and I noticed Bill Murray dining at a table nearby! Evidently Perla’s is no stranger to celebrities, as Austin is a hotspot for them, known for it’s great music and local flavor.

While I’m not a celebrity, I certainly do know good food and I’ve added Perla’s to one of my new favorite restaurants. On my next trip to Austin, I look forward to trying the owner’s other restaurant, Lambert’s Barbecue. Now you are speaking my language. The food is the silver lining to these work trips!