I’ve got a lot of grill brushes. But the Texas Brush has quickly become my go-to brush because it just gets the job done. Why is it called the Texas Grill Brush? Because it is big as Texas of course! When the box came in the mail, Scott was like “what is THAT?” because the box was so big. And that last time he used it he said, and I quote “that is a really great brush, it really let’s you get in there on the grill and get it clean”. My sentiments exactly.

With a dual sided stainless steel head on a 2 ft base, it really gives you the girth to get your weight into cleaning the grill. Texas Brush is fully customizable- you can order the head in different types of metal in different lengths. There are 2 sizes, regular (4 ft base) or JR (2 ft base). You can also customize the brush with your name on the side, where the texasbrush.com emblem normally resides. Plus, it is actually made in the good ol’ US of A!

For more information, go to: www.texasbrush.com. I see this as a great customizable gift for the griller in your life. Texas Brush price: $49.

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