I’ve been focusing on tailgating-friendly recipes a lot lately and got the chance to show my stuff with my friend Elizabeth and her family who are die-hard tailgaters and University of Miami fans. Her family has been tailgating for over 30 years in a motor home they bring to Hurricanes games. This motorhome is outfiited with a grill, margarita machine, satellite tv for pre-game ramp- up, as well as a full kitchen and bathroom and air conditioned cabin when the heat is too much to bear. I’ve truly never seen anything like this, except for maybe a few spectacular rigs at BBQ comps, but I think their tailgating machine on wheels could give any BBQ rig some serious competition.

My infamously spicy Chipotle Sriracha Wings. Strangely addictive!

I came prepared with some of my classic favorite grill recipes: My Chipotle Sriracha Wings with Scott’s blue cheese dip, and sirloin sliders. There were virtually no leftovers so I’m going to say they were a hit- I can promise that these two recipes will make you a grilling rockstar at your next tailgate.

Go Canes!

I found the cutest cups and plates to complement the tailgating festivities- football themed cups and plates from Solo Cup. No tailgate is complete without the ever present solocup filled with your favorite drink of choice (mine was Rum and Diet Gingerale that day) and their football themed plates were a cute complement to the eating/drinking festivities.

Sara and Elizabeth enjoy my sliders on these cute football themed plates from solo cup. I’m never in the photos because I’m always taking them lol.

If you are looking for new BBQ sauce recipes for your next tailgate or cookout, check out Solo’s BBQ Sauce cookbook, which was compiled from a recipe contest from over 7,000 of their employees. I thought Tamm’ys Tasty BBQ sauce sounds pretty yummy with the addition of curry powder (page 20)!

Do you have a favorite tailgating tradition or recipe that you can’t live without? I would love to hear of all the fun you’ve been having. Drop me a line and a photo and I’ll share it with the rest of my readers and tailgaters.


I thought I’d slip a picture of myself in here so you know I did actually attend. My friends always say I never have any photos of myself in the blog so this photo is for you! Notice I’m sporting my favorite Danish National BBQ Team hat! 🙂