When I got this beautiful piece of meat from Snake River Farms, I was a little intimidated. I mean, you don’t get to grill a Chateaubriand, the choicest cut of Beef Tenderloin available, everyday. My parents were in town so there was cause for celebration, and I was happy to have my dad in town (he is a walking encyclopedia of BBQ and grilling information) to discuss the best way to grill the beef tenderloin on the egg.

grillgirl, how to grill chateaubriand

While I sliced, butterflied and grilled the tenderloin, many people will roast or grill the entire piece at once.

A special kind of tenderloin

Chateaubriand is a special cut of beef tenderloin, and Snake River Farms can ship this directly to your door. This is a well-marbled, perfectly cut piece of organic meat. If you want restaurant-quality organic beef and steaks, Snake River Farms now offers home delivery, giving companies like Omaha Steaks a run for the money. In fact, this quality of beef cannot even be put in the same category as what they offer at Omaha as it is in a class by itself, unrivaled in quality.

grillgirl, how to grill chateaubriand

Because my mom wants her piece well done, and we all want our piece rare, we decide to slice the tenderloin in thick cuts, and then butterfly the cuts for a quick grill. While most Chateaubriand is done more like a roast, we all wanted to ensure that we had a medium rare steak and since the end would cook more quickly, we decided this was the way to go. So, we sliced the chateaubriand in 4″ pieces and then butterflied them, which turned them into 2″ pieces.


After butterflying the chateaubriand pieces, I coated each piece in olive oil, then added a dash of bourbon smoked sea salt and pepper. This meat is so perfect, it doesn’t need much.

We heated the BGE to 400 degrees and grilled the tenderloin for 3 minutes each side. We then pulled them off the grill and tented them in foil for 10 minutes (tenting in foil allows for the meat to reabsorb the juices). While these steaks were only on a total of 6 minutes for perfectly medium rare steaks, keep in mind that the meat will continue to cook when you take them off the grill while they are being “tented”.

grillgirl, how to grill chateaubriand, baked stuffed tomatoes

I paired this steak with baked stuffed tomatoes and a red onion relish, recipes to come soon!



We paired the Chateaubriand with stuffed tomatoes (this recipe will be coming soon) that complemented the meat well. Paired with a nice red wine, this was the perfect meal to celebrate my 33rd birthday!

Got a favorite way to grill beef tenderloin? I’d love to hear how you grill this awesome cut of meat.

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