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Grilled Pound Cake and Peaches with Icecream

  • Author: Robyn


Grilled Pound Cake is a quick and easy way to make dessert on the grill without a lot of fuss. Pair with peaches or any seasonal fruit and your friends will think you are a rock star! Publix is currently selling Italian gelato so I paired this with sea salt caramel gelato and my husband was literally licking his plate afterwards! Grilled fruit caramelizes and becomes extra juicy and is perfect paired with icecream.


  • Pound Cake or any loaf cake, sliced in 2” pieces
  • 46 peaches, sliced in half with pit remove
  • Ice cream or gelato for serving


Grill pound cake slices and pineapple rings on medium direct heat (about 350 degrees) until char marks form, being careful not to burn the pound cake. For a very hot grill, use indirect heat so as not to burn the cake.

Serve with ice cream or gelato!