I’m always looking for ways to cook the entire “meal on the grill” so when the folks over at Emile Henry asked if I would be interested in reviewing their grilling stone, I was excited. When grilling things like fish fillets or small vegetables, I often use a basket or grill pan and they get warped with use over time, which can make the cooking process less predictable.

Emile Henry is a French company out of Burgundy that specializes in ceramic ovenware and bakeware. The grilling stone I tested is made using their FLAME technology, which allows the ceramic to withstand temperatures up to 750 degrees on the grill, oven or broiler.

Essentially, the stone turns your grill into an outdoor oven. I prepared a charcoal grill to medium high heat and cooked an entire meal including fish, veggies and potatoes all on the stone on direct heat. The mahi-mahi cooked evenly in under 15 minute

s and the potatoes crisped up nicely. The only oil I used on this stone was extra virgin olive oil and nothing stuck to the stone and it was extremely easy to clean afterwards.

This stone is less heavy than cast iron, and is dishwasher safe (now that is music to my ears!). The directions even say you can cut directly on the stone without worrying about scratching or damaging the surface.

This ceramic grilling stone stands up to 750 degrees on the grill and is also dishwasher friendly and can be used as a cutting board with no chance of damaging the surface. It's quite the multi-tasker!

The directions say you can use this stone for baking bread, pastries and pizza in the oven. I will probably give this a try using this pan on the grill in the future, using indirect heat. I love baking on my grill!

To summarize, if you are looking for a flat grilling surface for those items that fall through the grates, this stone is a winner. It cooks evenly and is a cinch to clean up which is always a plus for me. I spend a lot of time doing dishes and I appreciate anything that is durable enough to withstand the grill AND the dishwasher.

This grilling stone is going to open up a lot of opportunities on the grill for me. I’m thinking I”ll do huevos rancheros on it soon. Stay tuned!