Broadcast Marc, Grilling at Work, Take your Grill to work Day

Taking your grill to work for a lunch-time barbecue is a great way to get to know your co-workers better and is a welcome change from eating out.

I no longer get to lug my grills to the office anymore because I now work from home. It’s a bummer too because it is such a fu

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n thing to do with your co-workers and it is excellent for Morale!

My friend Marc over in the Netherlands grills at the office from time to time. Check out how much fun they had and how amazing their burgers look. The guys aren’t too bad to look at either!

He recaps his 2 burger recipes in hist blog post here:

If you grill at work, send me a photo and I’ll feature you on my blog! I want to see what fun you are having with your coworkers !

Software Turns Duplicate PLR Articles Into Unique Articles
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