My good BBQ friend Larry, author of the BBQ Grail (tag line “a normal guy and his que

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st for the perfect BBQ experience”), is doing a poll from his readers on the “25 Undeniable BBQ Truths”. If you have ever heard of the “Moink Ball” in BBQ Circles, well, then you know Larry as he was the creator of this infamous dish. Moink Ball: Moo+ oink= Moink.

So what is an undeniable truth in BBQ? Perhaps one is, if you walk up to a BBQ restaurant and you don't smell smoke or see a big pile of wood in the back, walk away!

Leave Larry a comment on his blog for a chance for a giveaway and to be part of the BBQ Grail's quest for the undeniable truths of BBQ.

My undeniable BBQ truth is that only the best BBQ restaurants serve Moink Balls. 🙂