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Made of 18/10 stainless steel, this is not your average set of grilling tools!

Thanks to all that contributed and entered this giveaway. You guys rock and I wish I could have given away more as there were some really great entries….AND THE WINNER IS: Brian Mumper and his Daughter Kate who also left a comment on my blog. Kate is 9 and she and her dad grill and cook together and that is super awesome! Kate has been reading my blog since a few weeks ago when I met her dad in Memphis and she is officially my youngest reader (that I know of). It is super cool that Brian is teaching his daughter to grill and cook at a young age! You grill girl!

Here is the comment and recipe that Kate provided in her comment to win the grilling set:

From Kate…“Hi! I'm Kate (as you know), and I'm 9. 🙂 I like to cook with my Dad! He’s the bomb and loves to grill. When he does he makes big (but not too big) meals. Like, for an entrée he would cook meat (ribs, steak, pork, chicken, etc.) for appetizers he would cook veggies and other things, too (buffalo turds, squash, zucchini, etc.). Then for dessert he would grill peaches, and put on vanilla ice cream. My favorite part is being his sous chef!

The thing we do most often is stuffed mushrooms They are very good and I stuff them! In fact, here's the recipe!

1. 1 pack stuffing mushrooms
2. bread crumbs, shredded cheese of choise, and real bacon bits

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