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The chicken box is ready for turn in! Beautiful!! Fingers crossed!!

Blogging live from Memphis in May, this Friday is the turn in day for the “Ancillary Categories”. Today was the turn in for the mustard, tomato, and vinegar based sauces, coleslaw, exotic category and seafood. Dad brought his mustard sauce #5 all the way to the “Too Sauced to Pork” team from South Carolina. Today, I entered my coleslaw and did the walk of anticipation all the way to the judging tent, fingers and toes crossed the entire way.


Heres a photo recap of some of the events happening at the World Championship BBQ Cooking Competition, otherwise known as the Superbowl of Swine. It is here that 84 TONS of pig will be consumed over the course of the event.


Gotta post the turn in times to keep the team on track!!!


This is how Competition Brisket should look at turn in!!

Rattlesnake, ready to go on the grill and then entered into the "exotic" competition!

Dad, aka Tropical Storm Eddie, gets mustard sauce #5 ready for turn in.

Making the coleslaw! Cross your fingers I win!