Not sure if you guys… I mean y’all know this, but I was born and raised in the South. While my hubby and friends say I talk more like a Southern Valley girl “like, OMG!”; I love me some collards, fried okra, fried pickles, grits, and, the quintessential “Low Country Boil.”

Here’s a little history on the “Low Country”. Low Country, and this is my own definition, is the lower coastal region of South Carolina and the Georgia Coast. Think of Charleston and Savannah ya’ll and all the great seafood you can get there with all the cultural influence of those areas thrown in! Now that’s low country cookin!

So back to the Low Country Boil. This is dish that is easy to make and feeds a crowd. You can change the seafood line up depending on what you find- crawfish, crab legs… The flavor comes from the Old Bay Seafood Boil and lemons in the boiling pot.

This southern low country boil recipe is scaled down to feed 4 people but it’s super easy to make a REALLY large batch too!

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Southern Low Country Boil

  • Author: Brian Blair


  • 1.5 lbs new potatoes
  • 1 16 oz. package andouille sausage (kielbasa works too)
  • 3 ears fresh corn, husked removed and cut into bite size disks
  • 2 lbs medium to large shrimp, deveined and peeled
  • 1 old bay shrimp/crab boil seasoning packet
  • 4 lemons, quartered


Bring the potatoes, sausage, corn, lemons, and Old Bay Crab Boil packet to a boil and keep on a rolling boil for 25-30 minutes or until the potatoes and corn are tender (longer the larger the batch). Bring the boil to a very low simmer and add the shrimp and cook for the last 5 minutes or until they are pink. Once the shrimp are pink, remove from heat and drain the water.

This dish is great for an outdoor party where you can line a picnic table with newspapers, throw the boil on the table, and tell everyone to dig in! Keep butter, hot sauce, and more old bay or your favorite bayou seasoning at hand for additional flavor.

I like to serve mine with additional old bay style seasoning. My new favorite is Todd's Crabby Dirt Seasoning. It has a more pungent and fresh tasting flavor than Old Bay or Zattarain's and has NO MSG!

What's your favorite setting or memory serving Low Country Boil? I look forward to hearing your stories!


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