The Shamrocker


Hey everybody- I would like to introduce you to Aileen Carroll: she helps me keep up with this blog and is a PR extrordinaire, great writer and general cool girl. She is a bonified Irish gal so I asked her to lend her two cents with some Irish Cocktails. Hope you enjoy!

I come from two Irish parents and my name, Aileen is Gaelic. It has several different meanings but the ones I like the most are “noble” and “pleasant”. Although we are not known for our delicious cuisine, we are known for our plentiful pints and whiskey (Jameson anyone?!)

Every year since turning 21 I look forward to the GREEN beer! Now I can never pass up a good beer—let alone a GREEN beer—but if beer isn’t your “cup-of-tea” I have found some super easy GREEN cocktails that will make any person feel like they have some “Irish blood” in them. Courtesy of, these two cocktails will surely get you in the Irish spirit!

One of my all time favorite Irish sayings is: “A best friend is like a four leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have”. So get your friends together and make a toast with one of these yummy cocktails today!