Well folks, it’s that time of year again. Time to gorge yourself on fritos, queso dip and beer. Why not elevate your “game” a bit and try these recipes? While all of these recipes were originally made on the grill, they can easily be made in the oven. I realize that many of you have feet of snow in your backyard and it is not prime grilling season! As a grill is the same as an oven: broil = direct heat, bake = indirect heat. So, the desired temp on the grill will be the same desired temp in the oven.

Here are my favorite recipes to “WOW” people with lots of flavor without too much fuss:

Jalapeno Poppers:

These are not your average Jalapeno Poppers. This recipe is actually made for the oven as the bacon can make the grill flare up. If you make these on the grill put them on the upper bread grate OR put them on indirect heat. Unlike fried poppers, these are grilled and the fat cooks out of the bacon so they aren’t as bad for you as they could be. Unlike other recipes that call for you to roll the bacon INSIDE the pepper, these have a 1-1-1 bacon/cheese/pepper ratio! Yum!

jalapeno poppers, jalapeno poppers in the oven, Super Bowl recipes, Tailgating recipes

Jalapeno poppers- not just for the heat addicts! Everyone LOVES these and they’re perfect for a SuperBowl party!

One of my most published and popular recipes is for my Chipotle Sriracha Wings. Serve them with Scotts Blue Cheese Dip and you will most definitely be the “Hostess with the Mostess!” What is great about grilling wings is that they are much healthier than fried wings and much of the fat grills off in during the grilling process!!

Chipotle Sriracha Wings

Wings on the Grill, Chipotle Sriracha Wings, Robyn Medlin Lindars, Grill Girl

The blue cheese dip is the perfect accompaniment for these spicy wings!

Instead of making burgers, make “sliders”. Sliders cook more quickly than a full sized burger and are less “commitment”. You can have a few sliders, a few wings and a few PINTS of beer and still squeeze in a few brownies afterwards. That is why sliders are great- they’re small and fun to accessorize! Get creative and host a SLIDER BAR!

Blue Cheese Buffalo Sliders:

What say’s Superbowl like “NACHOS’?? What is  great about Nachos is that they are a great way to use up leftovers and you don’t need anything too crazy in your pantry to make them yummy!

Buffalo meat is high in iron and B vitamins- give it a try!

Churrasco (Skirt Steak) Nachos:

Nachos on the grill, Churrasco Nachos, Robyn Medlin, Grill Girl

While it is easy to make nachos in the oven, it is equally easy to make them on the grill on indirect heat!

What says “SUPERBOWL” like an enormous sandwich stuffed with Italian Sausage, mozzarella cheese, roasted red peppers, grilled veggies and basil??

Grilled Italian Sausage Grinders

Now it wouldn’t be a Super Bowl party without a little pizza now would it? Why not surprise your guests with Gourmet Caprese Pizzas? Better yet, why not let your guests decorate their own pizzas by setting up a “decorate your own pizza bar” with toppings, different types of cheese, meats, etc??

Mini Caprese Pizzas:

Super easy gourmet Caprese Pizzas make your friends think you’re a rock star!!

This is by far one of the easiest things you can make on the grill. Like I said in paragraph one, all these recipes can also be made in the oven! Compound butter Texas Toast is super easy and it makes you look like a Super Bowl Goddess. The hardest part would be having the patience to let the butter soften for a few hours. Take your favorite herbs and seasonings and make a compound butter you can slather on your favorite thickly sliced bread that you can add beatiful grill marks to!

Basil Butter Texas Toast:

Basil Butter Texas Toast makes everything better!!

Even if you don’t like asparagus, you will like this recipe. Who doesn’t like anything wrapped in bacon? Be careful if you make this on the grill, bacon grease can cause flare ups on the grill so make sure to space out the asparagus/bacon duo if grilling.

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus:

Everything is great wrapped with bacon, including asparagus!

IN conclusion, while I’m not the most avid football fan (hello, ADD!), I am a big fan of entertaining and gorging myself on lots of appetizers! Cheers to drinking lots of beer and eating large amounts of finger food this Super Bowl!



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