Most people just eat fruit for as an on-the-go snack and don’t do much to alter the taste. Luckily, I met Scott Nielson while hanging out at my favorite grilling store, Culinary Concepts, and he told me a thing or two about grilling fruits.

This rum soaked pineapple with cinnamon sugar glaze is an easy way to spice up (and spike up) your fruits to create a delicious dessert for any occasion.

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grillgirl, rum soaked pineapple, cinnamon sugar glaze, rotisserie dessert

Rum Soaked Pineapple with Cinnamon Sugar Glaze on the Rotisserie

  • Author: Robyn


First, take a pineapple and remove the outer shell. Soak the pineapple in a cinnamon rum mixture. Cook for a minimum of 45 min on a rotisserie at 350 degrees. Once it's done, cut it into sections and serve. Enjoy!


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