Delaware's Chicken Farm in Hollywood Florida

Delaware’s Chicken Farm, right across the street from the Seminole Reservation, is my local meat and farmers market where I get local meat and produce. This photo was taken through the Hipstomatic app on my iphone.

There’s nothing better than going to the local farmers market to see what local produce is in season. The local market has schooled me in new veggies such as the “Florida Avocado, “white asparagus” and even “rainbow carrots”. Getting more fruits and veggies in your diet is much easier when you expand your opportunities by shopping where the selection is better, the food is local, and you are supporting your localeconomy! Not to mention that you are not buying produce that has been transported across the country or from a different country contributing to consumption of fossil fuel and resources.

Below are a few photos I took at Delaware’s market in Hollywood, Fl- where I like to shop local produce and am chummy with my butcher. This is where I buy smoked marlin to make my South Florida Smoked Fish Dip, the number one recipe hit on my blog. Let me know what adventures you have at your local market and what dishes result from your findings! Send me your photos and recipes/stories and I will post them!

Florida Avocados are huge and will make a ton of guacamole.


Florida oranges

No shortage of vitamin C here with all these Florida Oranges!


Fresh herbs and chili peppers, yes please!


smoked marlin, south florida fish dip

The elusive smoked marlin that I make my supremely addictive fish dip with. You can also buy dip at Delaware’s. It is highly addictive.


South Florida may be a crazy place but I will alway love it for introducing me to Smoked Fish Dip.


stone crabs

If you’ve never had stone crabs before, give them a try the next time you come to Florida. If you like crab or lobster, you will love the meatiness of stone crabs, a Florida delicacy!


Smoked Tuna Dip

How to Make Smoked Salt at Home

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