One of the perks of being GrillGrrrl is trying out new grill gear. One of my newest toys is the Charbroil Patio Bistro Electric Grill. I needed an electric grill that could grill inside (in a WELL-ventilated room) for my recent tv performance on Good Morning South Florida and this grill did the trick. The Patio Bistro is made for people in apartments or condos who can’t have a gas/charcoal grill but still want the grilling experience.

If these features appeal to you, this grill could be for you:

  • Electric Grill is suitable for a patio/porch and plugs into an electrical outlet
  • Grill heats up to 500 degrees and Charbroil’s Infrared Technology offers awesome char marks
  • Easy storage- roll it insider when finished grilling
  • Easy to transport- light enough to put in the back of your car to take to a tailgate or a friends house
  • Price point is under $200
grill girl, Charbroil Patio Bistro Electric Grill, reviews

Charbroil must have read my mind because Red looks great on my patio.

My other new fun toy is Red Envelope’s Infrared Laser BBQ Thermometer. This is such a cool gadget because it isn’t only for grilling but can literally be used to take the temp on anything. So far my fiance Scott has taken the temperature of our dogs, the airvents, the pool- you get the picture.

Simply put in two AA batteries and voila- point and shoot! A great plus for this is that you don’t have to get too close to your hot grill- you can give yourself some distance as you point the laser to your meat to see if it’s reached the desired temp.

This would be a great gift for grillers and DIY-ers who like useful household objects. I even took the temperature of my swimming pool- it’s at a warm 85 degrees this time of year.

At a price point of $59.95, this would be a great gift for those gadget savvy people in your life, including yourself. Check out Red Envelope’s Grilling Section for info on their infrared Laser BBQ thermometer.

grill girl, red envelope infrared laser Thermometer

According to my Laser Thermometer, the pool is like bathwater this time of year.

As a Girl with a blog about grilling, I am always looking for grilling information. Adam Perry Lang’s book “BBQ 25” is a no-fuss book about learning the top BBQ/Grilling techniques and recipes that apply to the masses. The book focuses on utilizing accessible, quality ingredients and the processes to deliver results that will introduce the “wow factor” to friends and family. The book is printed like a hard-core reference book in that the size is smaller than your average oversized cookbook and the pages are plastic coated so you can easily wipe off the BBQ sauce you will inevitably spill on it.

Helpful tips found in Adam’s book:

  • Make an “herb brush” that can be dipped into olive oil to baste meat with and add extra flavor
  • Charts on where different parts of meat can be found from each animal
  • Pictures showing the various procedures in action so you can emulate in real life
  • Handy “tool section” at the beginning of each recipe so you know what the recipe and process will entail
  • Interesting spins on traditional recipes utilizing fresh, local ingredients

If you are looking for a gift for the cook/griller in your life then this book would be a welcome addition to any cookbook collection. This book has made it to the TOP of my bookshelf for quick reference.

grill girl, Adam Perry Lang's BBQ 25 cookbook

I am digging Lang’s reference style book with easy to clean pages.


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