As warm weather approaches, it’s time to dust off the grill and give it a test drive. There is no better time than now to try out your favorite recipes on the grill so you can enjoy some fresh air and embrace healthy recipes hot off the grill.

GrillGrrrl’s Top Five Tips for Spring Time Grilling:

1) It’s not just a grill. Remember that grillers don’t have to limit themselves to only meat on the grill, but can cook the entire meal on the grill including vegetables, starches, bread and even dessert. “One item I make on the grill that is always a big hit is grilled romaine,” says Robyn. “People are surprised at how easy and tasty the romaine is off the grill – it caramelizes the leaves  and is fantastic with a little sea salt, pepper and fresh grated parmesan”.

2) Go fresh!Use what is fresh and available at your local farmers market. Using what’s in season encourages fun and creativity on or off the grill.

3) Stamp the cooking passport. Hop a flight to the ethnic section of the grocery store and give new marinades a try such as “Mojo Criollo” – a Latin marinade consisting of citrus, garlic and onion, which adds great flavor to meat and vegetables. Jamaican jerk marinade adds a little “kick” to your average grilled chicken. Sriracha hot sauce is a great pairing for spicy dipping sauces and even a spicy mayo. Get creative!

4) Gear up. Invest in a good pair of tongs to flip the meat and veggies. Tongs are much easier to use than a spatula as the food can’t slide around and fall through the grates as they do with a spatula. Tongs also discourage you from flattening the meat with the spatula, which dries the meat.

5)  Step away from the grill! Over flipping the meat can dry it out – just leave it alone and cook according to recommended cook times, flipping only when necessary. It will turn out without checking on it every 2 seconds!

And one more thing:  enjoy the outdoors and fresh air and remember to have fun and not take yourself too seriously!