Toasted Coconut Smores

  • Author: Robyn


  • shredded sweetened coconut- 8++oz.
  • Dark chocolate – squares
  • Ginger snaps- use these instead of graham crackers unless you prefer the latter
  • Marshmallows- large size, 16 oz bag
  • skewers- for roasting marshmallows


If the grill has cooled down after dinner, heat it back up- medium should be high enough for roasting the marshmallows.

In a piece of foil folded to create the shape of a small tray, lay a layer of coconut. They will start to brown and you can mix the shredded coconut around to cook evenly. When it browns, take the foil tray and move it over to indirect heat.

Meanwhile, for mass smore creation (for those not roasting their own marshmallows via skewer) put out another foil- tray (sheet of foil folded at the edges to create a “tray”).

Layer gingersnaps in a layer on the foil and top with marshmallows.
As the marshmallows start to roast, add a piece of dark chocolate and sandwich between another gingersnap!

Happy Smor-ing!

awaiting chocoloate marshmallow-ey goodness!

awaiting chocoloate marshmallow-ey goodness!


goo-ey goodness

goo-ey goodness