Wild game is not something I would have ever considered eating until I dined at Ted’s Montana Grill restaurant a while ago. This opened my eyes to a totally different burger experience!!

Buffalo meat is much leaner than beef and is also extremely high in iron and B vitamins! That’s especially crucial for most ladies!
On a “healthy for the environment” note, you can buy organic, farm-raised, cruelty and hormone-free ground buffalo meat at most grocery stores in the “organic/green” meat section of your grocery store.

Buffalo Burgers

  • Author: Robyn


You should cook your buffalo burgers the same way you would cook your beef burgers. Make sure you get the grill at least to medium high for a bit to reach an internal temp of at least 160 degrees Farenheit, and watch the color. Pink= rare, how I like it. 🙂
For extra piquant flavor, I added blue cheese and made the B-trifecta: Blue Buffalo Burgers.