Flat-out flat bread pizzas are yummy and healthy!

Flat-out flat bread pizzas are yummy and healthy!

This week is getting of to an interesting start. I have decided to do a “7 day rapid cleanse” and have vowed to stop drinking wine during the week, and I kicked it all off that night by finishing my taxes.

Monday we had flatbread pizza, a new favorite on my weekly “easy-backup” meal plan. “Flat Out” makes a flatbread (go figure) that is carb conscious, packed with good stuff like fiber and omegas, while also coming in cool flavors like spinach, italian, spelt… etc.

Ideas: this is not rocket science y’all! Or as we say here in South Florida- Vosotros!!


  1. Set the oven for 400 degrees.
  2. leftover spaghetti sauce, or pizza sauce or bruschetta topping. (I often make extra sauce and freeze it for easy dinners later).
  3. Veggies
  4. italian sausauge, meat, tofu, chicken or no meat at all!
  5. Hard cheese

How I make this kinda healthy is that I pile on the veggies, garlic, etc… Then I shave a hard cheese like parmesan (the kind you buy in a block, not in a jar) or reggiano and put that on as an ample condiment, but not as the main show.
On top of this I throw on some baby arugula with an ample shot of ground pepper and sea salt. TASTY!!

Now, for Scott’s recipe version, my Gene-blessed skinny boyfriend (who is such a hottie):

  • the base and sauce are the same
  • sans the vegetables (unless they are green peppers or onions as one would get on a Domino’s)
  • AMPLE cheese: mozz, provo, etc- the soft white cheese that are more fattening
  • Pepperoni or italian sausage or bacon (a Guy’s gotta get his meat on).

I have never tried this with beef jerky but I bet Scott, and your guy, would be up for that as an addition.

Bake for 7-9 minutes at 400.

***Great for catching up on tivo-ed Survivor episodes