As I mentioned in my previous blog, I said that Ricky’s Lounge and Restaurant was a former strip club. This is not technically true. We have never actually confirmed that it was, we only assumed (one of my former bosses used to say “never ASS-U-ME, it makes an ASS out of U and Me,”) that is was a strip club in its previous life. This is because it has no windows, you must enter through a side door, the bar is very large, the type where someone could do a dance and possibly a split/cartwheel on it, and well, there is a large POLE, yes, POLE, attached to the end of it.

So, as to not commit libel, I have no idea if Ricky’s lounge was ever previously a strip club or not. But, if it was, I would like it that much better because, well, Ricky’s is the bomb and that would just make it even more likable and funny.

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