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About Me

This is a pic from my “grilled cocktails” webisodes as found on my youtube channel.

HI! I’m Robyn Lindars, the “Grill Girl” behind GrillGrrrl.com. I’m happiest when I am testing out new recipes, particularly anything cooked over live fire: Grilling, Smoking, torching… As a girl who likes to eat, I try to keep my recipes healthy and full of flavor. I’ve been dabbling in PALEO concepts lately as I tend to eat a lot of lean grilled meat and veggies, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a cocktail or the occasional piece of keylime pie! For video recipes, you can check out my youtube channel where I’ve made everything from grilled cocktails to spatchcocked chicken.

I try to capture the “Floribbean” style of South Florida in some of my recipes, such as my West Indies Wings, or South Florida Smoked Fish Dip.

My husband and I fixed up an old sailboat about 4 years ago so our adventures sailing in Miami’s Biscayne Bay are occasionally documented here as well.

Fun Facts About Robyn:

  • I compete on a BBQ team with my dad at the Memphis in May World Championship BBQ Competition
  • I’m a trained FBA BBQ judge
  • I teach “Women’s Grilling Clinics” to empower women to learn why grilling is an awesome way to cook without creating a heap of dirty dishes!
  • I have appeared on Food network Chopped Grillmasters (August 2013), The Cooking Channel’s Foodography and the Travel Channel’s “Festival’s Exposed”
  •  I have 3 dogs- all rescues
  • I am an animal lover and animal rescue is a cause I am very passionate about. Some of the of the proceeds from this blog (outside of operational costs, etc) go to animal rescue/transport out of high kill shelters where adoptable dogs and cats can get a chance to live instead of being euthanized in overpopulated shelters.

Thank You for Stopping By! If you are interested in partnering on a project, please email me at robyn.medlin@gmail.com or connect with me via the various social networks linked at the bottom of this site.


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