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Google Recipes Making Cooking Easier

In such a fast paced world, most of us barely have time to breathe and especially not enough time to search for recipes. Google totally  understood this dilemma and created a new filter on their search page called “Recipes,” which refines your results and only shows you recipes (not random unrelated things) in your search. It gets even better – you can type in an ingredient you want to cook and see all the different recipes you can make with it. You can even find recipes by cook time, calories, accompaniments and the list goes on.

My favorite part is that you can even type in “grilling” and it’ll show you recipes that you can make on the grill ;)

Check out the Google Recipes tutorial to learn all the benefits this new feature has to offer and see a video of one of the Google chefs using the recipe view.

Bon appétit and happy Googling!

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One Response to Google Recipes Making Cooking Easier

  1. Jason's BBQ Adventures March 4, 2011 at 12:48 pm #

    Have you tried converting any of your post and get them to show up on google recipe search? I have done 1 so far, the testing tools pulls the info with no problem, but has yet to show up on the recipe search.

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