BBQ Radio: Tune into Celebrity Grill Podcast and BBQ Central Radio Show

I’ve had the honor recently to participate in the Celebrity Grill Podcast and also the BBQ Central Radio Show. What is great about BBQ on the radio is that you can have BBQ and Grilling information at your fingertips – just sync your ipod with their channel and plug and play! Now you can get great grilling tips on itunes and straight to your ipod!

As a part of the “how to grill steak” roundtable for Celebrity Grill, I had the pleaure of sharing tips with other griller/BBQ curmudgeons including Sam Dog BBQ, and Grillstock, the first BBQ festival ever in the UK. What I found surprising from our panel discussion is that all three of us unanimously agreed that NY Strip is our favorite cut of steak to grill. We also agreed that a good cut of steak doesn’t need much seasoning. My sentiments are that a generous douse of olive oil, fresh ground black pepper and sea salt are all you need unless you decide to use a montreal seasoning. If you use montreal seasoning I recommend McCormick’s Montreal Grinder where you can grind all the seasonings for intense flavor.

Greg Rempes’s BBQ Central Radio show is unique in that it is the only weekly radio show on the internet/radio. Greg offers a myriad of guest speakers and I got to give my insprational tips for women who are intimidated by grilling. My tips are as follows: “push your guy to the side, take control of the grill, and go balls to the wall!”. In other words, “go for it”. The worst thing that can happen is that you burn dinner and then go out for dinner or order take out. Girls should take it upon themselves to be the beacon of creativity on the grill- go to your farmers market, stock up, and see how it turns out with char marks. For something fun to try, get your feet wet with Grilled Romaine Salad. Ladies, grilling isn’t only about meat anymore!!!

For all you BBQ lovers out there, be sure to check out these beacons of great information as their talent lineups continue to inspire! See you on the next August BBQ Central Radio show in August! Happy listening!

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