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Healthy Burger Alternative: Buffalo Burgers

Wild game is not something I would have ever considered eating until I dined at Ted’s Montana Grill restaurant a while ago. This opened my eyes to a totally different burger experience!!

Buffalo meat is much leaner than beef and is also extremely high in iron and B vitamins! That’s especially crucial for most ladies!
On a “healthy for the environment” note, you can buy organic, farm raised, cruelty and hormone free ground buffalo meat at most grocery stores in the “organic/green” meat section of your grocery store.
You should cook your buffalo burgers the same way you would cook your beef burgers. Make sure you get the grill at least to medium high for a bit to reach an internal temp of at least 160 degrees farenheit, and watch the color. Pink= rare, how I like it. :)
For extra piquant flavor, I added blue cheese and made the B-trifecta: Blue Buffalo Burgers.

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12 Responses to Healthy Burger Alternative: Buffalo Burgers

  1. Chris of Fab Fit and 40 June 2, 2009 at 2:25 am #

    Robyn, these burgers look so good, and I want to try them on my burger-eating family. Where do you buy the meat in South Florida?

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