smoked shrimp salad on the bge

Smoked Shrimp Salad

This is another one of my husband’s recipes that he’s gifted me with, he learned it at a cooking class in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I brought this to a dinner party a few weeks ago and it was a big hit. It’s light and fresh with subtle smokey undertones. While great on it’s own […]

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watermelon mint popsicles

Watermelon Mint Popsicles

I have quite the sweet tooth. But we know that eating dessert after dinner every night is not the path to keeping your girlish figure! This is why popsicles have come to be my chosen sweet fix. I often buy sugar free or all fruit popsicles to satisfy my craving. But ever since I bought […]

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#4thofjuly recipes, berry cobbler, patriotic

Red, White and Blue Cobbler

This cobbler combines strawberries, blueberries and coconut for the perfect outdoor dessert to serve this Fourth of July. Made in a skillet, this cobbler bakes on the grill while you enjoy your first course- pull it off after 30 minutes when it is warm and bubbly and pair with icecream. There will be no leftovers […]

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Sriracha paired with chipotle peppers in adobo make for a tasty combo in this recipe which are cooled down with a creamy blue cheese dipping sauce.

Chipotle Sriracha Buffalo Wings

This is a fun and easy thing to serve when you are having people over as these are universally likeable and easy to make and serve. So far I’ve made these 3 times and everyone has liked both the flavor and the heat level of the sauce. Served with blue cheese sauce, they are the […]

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memphis in May

See You at Memphis in May- World Champion BBQ Contest

It’s that time again folks! Dad and I are off to Memphis in May to compete at the World Championship BBQ Contest, also known as the Superbowl of Swine! Going to Memphis in May is like entering a special land of smoked meat. If you have followed the blog over the years, you know this […]

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French Bull Glamo Camo

French Bull Glamo Camo Melamine Dinnerware #Giveaway

5/16/16: GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED—–thanks to everyone who entered and shared online- the winner is Laura J- please see he winning comment on the blog below. Thanks! ………. Summer is around the corner and that means it is also time for outdoor entertaining! And when I discovered the #livevivid style of French Bull products- with their […]

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If you want to up your game in the smoking pork department, this is the cookbook for you!

“The Smoking Hog and Bacon Cookbook” Giveaway!

If you read my recent post on “how to make bacon” you saw that I used Bill Gillespie’s coffee molasses recipe from his new cookbook. If you love all things Pork (one of the most versatile meats in my opinion!) then his new cookbook “The Smoking Hog and Bacon Cookbook” gives directions on all things […]

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how to make your own bacon, how to make bacon from scratch, bacon recipe, how to make bacon on the BGE

How to Make Your Own Bacon

It was quite convenient that Bill Gillespie’s new book “The Smoking Bacon & Hog Cookbook” arrived in the mail right around the time I had asked Snake River Farms to send me some Kurobuta Pork Belly for my “How to Make Bacon” post. Funny how things work out sometime. Now that diets like the Paleo […]

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wine lovers survival guide_gymnema for hangovers

The Wine Lover’s Survival Kit

I’m going to be drinking a lot of wine for the next 3 days. You see, Scott and I are going to our first “barrel tasting” in Sonoma, which means we will be sipping, and stumbling our way through wine country in search of great wine buys. What is a barrel tasting exactly? It’s a […]

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